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i made this one for my boyfriend because i always see he has problem with his followers about asking him to do NSFW of his giants hahah he always refuse to do that (same for me)  , and well BARA GIANTS!

btw check his gallery is full of cute and handsome giants 

handsome giants here 


Poor Ronan. <3

"The worst thing one person can do to another is to reduce their identity to being only half of something. When someone is treated as half or less than half of one identity, they’re not being treated like a human at all. Everyone should have the right to individuality.

[The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning, 289-291] 


"I don’t think I’m ever going to find someone else who is going to make me feel like that” - Kurt doormat Hummel

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jwmelmoth said: I can only assume that "I couldn't break up Klaine and I couldn't kill anyone" was bundled up in Chris' first draft for 5x19 when Kurt "accidentally" pushes Blaine off a cliff ;-D


He couldn’t have make that more clear :v


Now, I stopped watching Glee after Cory passed away. I watched until The Quarterback and then realized the show had no soul anymore and just stopped. But I loved Kurt and Blaine too much and just because summer is a miserable time of my life I needed something/anything to watch to help me pass time. I finished Season 5 yesterday, I mainly only watched Kurt and Blaine scenes and my final opinion is I HATED EVERY BIT OF IT.

Putting Season 2 Blaine aside, I have always found some of Blaine’s actions somewhat problematic - but I loved them together too much so I blamed on bad handling of storylines, I blamed it on writers.

But the whole dynamic of their relationship in Season 5 is unhealthy. Blaine literally cries about how Kurt got stronger and hotter than him (that Kurt was “girly” one before and now he can protect himself) and this is disgusting. He keeps going on and on about how Kurt became the “better” one, only to end it with “I’m afraid that one that you won’t love me anymore” so everything is… romantic somehow??? He blames everything on Kurt and he thinks that if he says “he loves him too much” then it won’t matter. Blaine has an unhealthy obsession with Kurt through the whole season, he keeps referring them as “one”, says that “they’ll do everything together” which also a big problem.

Thinking that I have started Glee only because of Chris and Kurt and that I have even loved Blaine more for a while, I can safely say that Kurt deserves better. So much better.

I can only hope that Blaine will become a better man but after watching all those scenes I can’t find anything good to say about what they have.

Former Klainers are the best. <3


Will I ever forgive Ryan Murphy for having turned one of my favourite characters of all times into a suburban doormat who’ll ever only experience one relationship in his entire life, and that’s with a guy who cheated on him and never truly made up for it, regularly lusts after the nearest dick, is jealous of him, controls his friends and considers him…well, Kurt?

I think not.


i was watching glee and my mom walks by and says
“i don’t think blaine is even that cute”


"Minerva McGonagall Potter I named you after the bravest person at Hogwarts. "

"Dad you named me after a girl."

“Listen son you talk like that around McGonagall you’ll get your ass handed to you turned into a goblet and be forced to drink from it.”

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Having little money and a high metabolism is a horrible combination

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white people are so fragile. they have no idea what real struggle is

so they have the audacity to come to people’s blogs and say things like “you’re the most racist person in the world!!”, ignoring that there are literally people that exist only to kill people because of the color of their skin

y’all don’t know struggle if you out here crying about blogs


It is easy for someone with privilege to brush off politics as “just politics” because they do not see and cannot fully understand how it affects people different from them.  

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Is the president protected during the purge???



It’s against Purge rules to attack a government employee Lv 10 and higher (I’m assuming cops, firemen and up), so attacking him would still be illegal.

I’m curious about this question, as it’s the second time I’ve heard this asked about or referenced as a scenario. What’s that about?

There are two rules for The Purge:

  1. Lv 10+ gov’t employees are not to be attacked
  2. You cannot use Lv 4+ weaponry.

Violation of those two rules will result in execution. They know if you violate them because of the heinous amount of cameras around.

I think people just keep forgetting that bit.

That’s MY explanation, anyway.

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